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About Us

Before your child begins pre school you and your child will have an opportunity to visit the pre school and to meet the staff who will be caring for your child. We plan to deliver this through inviting you to a spend the morning, attend an open day or just pop in for a look around the setting.
It is important that your child has a happy and successful start to their pre school life, we cannot stress enough the importance and value of your input into your childs care and education at pre school, for this purpose we provide ample opportunity to keep you informed of your childs progress from parent consultation days and termly reports on their progress.
You will be invited to contribute to and have access to your childs records throughout the pre school year. In the first instance you will be required to complete an “All about Me” leaflet which informs us of your childs like and dislikes, what they enjoy and can do, family members and pets etc and this file will be filled with learning journeys and observations that you will be asked to read and sign each half term and you will have full access to this profile at all times.
Each child is allocated a key person who will observe, assess and complete records tracking your childs development, progress and interests. Regular opportunity will occur during the year for you to meet with your childs keyperson to discuss your child’s learning story and progress together which is observations, photos and stories of your childs learning journey in pre school.

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